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Cornelius began his career in Toronto more than three decades ago. After a short stint shooting fashion, products, and editorial work he took a hiatus during which time he was drawn to more intellectual and fine arts pursuits completing several graduate degrees.

After winning many grants and awards for his scholarly work in cultural theory, art theory, and philosophical studies he returned to re-establishing a full time art and photo practice.

The conceptual rigor of his work is self-evident and its theoretical applications can be seen in a link to this page titled HEADMATTER. As art historian Evonne Levy has said of his work, “Heesters [exhibits] an intense engagement with the effect of the apriori construction by art history of master narratives. In addition to his conceptual rigor, Heesters’ work is always stunningly executed…”

Cornelius brings the same passion and refusal for anything other than perfection to all his editorial, advertising, and corporate shoots and has never quite looked on the world without bemusement.

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